Which ones resonate with us the most?

We start the process by going through all our options for that particular category. We check different resources, platforms, and documents to gather our choices.

We look at the ones with the most following and which ones resonate with us the most.


Which ones have credibility?

Once we have our preliminary list, we then go deeper with our research and look for accreditations, certificates, licenses, documentation, licenses, and anything that can prove that they are credible in the field they’re in.

Which ones have good reviews?

Next, we consider the reviews of other people. What they’re saying gives us amazing insight into the common experience with the product or service.


Think your brand/business deserves consideration?

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Which ones are the most capable when comparing?

We then compare and contrast to see which ones are the most capable one among competitors.

Which ones hold up when we’ve tried them?

Lastly, we try the product or service ourselves to give accurate and relatable reviews for our website.