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18 Domestic Violence Shelters in Phoenix

18 Domestic Violence Shelters in Phoenix 

Did you know that every three days, a person in Phoenix dies because of a domestic violence-related incident?

If you or someone you know is facing domestic violence, you can seek refuge and support from any of the domestic violence shelters in this article. Read on and take the first step toward safety and healing. 

1. Area Agency on Aging Region One-DOVES Program


Address: 1366 East Thomas Road, Suite 108, Phoenix, AZ 85014

Contact: 602-264-4357, 602-264-2255

The Area Agency on Aging Region One-DOVES Program helps persons aged 50 and above fleeing domestic violence, sexual assault, or elder abuse. This program provides victims up to 14 days of shelter in assisted living facilities.

They also have helped victims get long-term housing options for up to 24 months to regain independence and stability. Advocates also accompany survivors to court, medical appointments, and other essential services, ensuring their rights are protected.

2. House of Refuge Sunnyslope


Address: 9844 N 7th Place, Phoenix, AZ 85020

Contact: 602-678-0223

The House of Refuge Sunnyslope offers shelter services for men, women, and children escaping abuse. Private apartments are available for up to two years, providing a stable and supportive environment to heal and rebuild their lives.

The shelter also conducts counseling and therapy sessions to help survivors process trauma, develop coping mechanisms, and build self-esteem. They also equip survivors with practical skills such as budgeting, job search assistance, and parenting education.

3. Ozanam Manor – St. Vincent De Paul 


Address: 320 W. Watkins Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Contact: 602-266-4673, 602-850-6900

The Ozanam Manor serves adults experiencing domestic violence, aged 50 and above, veterans and persons with disabilities. They provide emergency shelter with individual beds and dorms and holistic support for survivors.

They also have a transitional housing program with 60 beds for seniors, veterans and adults with disabilities. They hold workforce readiness activities that help survivors overcome income insecurity and physical and mental health obstacles to housing. 

4. Chrysalis


Address: 2055 W. Northern Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85021

Contact: 602-944-4999

Chrysalis offers trauma-informed programs for individuals and families who were victims of domestic abuse. They have a 50-bed facility for individuals and families fleeing domestic violence, along with essential amenities like food, clothing, and toiletries.

What’s unique about this organization is its 360-degree approach through trauma-informed counseling. They hold Individual and group therapy sessions to assist survivors in processing their experiences and healing from the abuse.

5. Homeward Bound


Address: 2302 West Colter Street, Phoenix, AZ 85015

Contact: 602-263-7654

Homeward Bound has 76 fully-furnished apartments as critical support for families facing homelessness in Phoenix, including emergency and transitional shelters designed especially for those fleeing domestic violence. 

They also have on-site amenities such as 24/7 staff support, childcare facilities, after-school programs, employment labs, emergency pantries, and case management services. Families with at least one parent and minor child can apply for shelter.

6. UMOM New Day Centers


Address: 3333 East Van Buren Street Phoenix, Arizona 85008

Contact: 480-890-3039, 602-275-7852, 602-595-8700, 602-362-5833

UMOM New Day Centers offers programs for victims of domestic violence that provide emergency and affordable housing and help them get jobs to end homelessness. They follow an empathetic, connection-focused approach to assisting each victim. 

The Halle Women’s Center welcomes single women and provides them with private rooms, warm meals, essential amenities, trauma-informed counseling, and support groups. 

7. Sojourner Center


Address: 2330 E Fillmore St, Phoenix, AZ 85006

Contact: 602-244-0997, 602-244-0089, 602-889-1610 

The Sojourner Center helps domestic violence victims by providing shelter for up to 120 days, with private rooms, shared kitchens and bathrooms, laundry facilities, and play areas for children. Currently, they have 124 secure shelter beds. 

They have trained staff and volunteers who offer immediate support, guidance, and safety planning 24/7. There are also individual and group therapy sessions that help survivors manage trauma and emotional scars.

8. Shelter Without Walls


Address: 4747 North 7th Street, Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85014

Contact: 602-452-4640

Shelter Without Walls is operated by Jewish Family & Children’s Service in Phoenix. They offer a lifeline for survivors of domestic violence shelter for a 30 to 120-day stay and help them rebuild their lives in safety and dignity. 

The program helps survivors develop personalized safety plans, navigate legal options like protection orders, and connect with emergency resources. They also work with survivors to find safe and affordable housing options.

9. Catholic Charities My Sisters’ Place


Address: 5151 N. 19th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85015-3224

Contact: 480-890-3039, 480-821-1024

My Sisters’ Place is a haven for individuals and families to flee abuse and heal. They offer 30 beds in 11 private rooms, ensuring safety and comfort for individuals or families with children. 

This emergency shelter gives survivors access to a full kitchen to cook meals that appeal to their family’s cultural and nutritional needs. They also provide safety planning educational groups, counseling, advocacy, and referrals when needed. 

10. Chicanos Por La Causa De Colores


Address: 1112 E. Buckeye Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85034

Contact: 602-269-1515

Chicanos Por La Causa De Colores programs provide shelter and community-based services to meet survivors where they are to help domestic violence survivors discover their strengths and regain their freedom.

11. Central Arizona Shelter Services


Address: 230 S. 12th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85007

Contact: 602-256-6945

The Central Arizona Shelter Services is Arizona’s largest and longest-serving emergency shelter program serving people experiencing homelessness. Currently, the adult shelter has 600 beds, while the family shelter can take in 120 to 150 individuals.

Beyond a roof over their heads, the shelter also provides survivors access to crisis counseling, assistance in legal matters, and life skills workshops such as budgeting, healthy relationships, and parenting skills. 

12. Justa Center


Address: 1001 W Jefferson St, Phoenix, AZ 85007

Contact: 602-254-6524

The Justa Center is a lifeline for seniors in Phoenix grappling with the trauma and challenges of domestic violence. They offer emergency shelters to those in need with private rooms equipped with shared kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry facilities.

They have a nurse clinic to help address your health needs, from understanding medication to providing wound care and even reading glasses. The shelter also offers personalized one-on-one guidance to safe and stable housing for seniors. 

13. Alice’s Place


Address: 218 N. Williamson Avenue, Winslow, AZ 86047

Contact: 928-289-3003

Alice’s Place is dedicated to providing confidential refuge for victims of domestic or sexual violence and their children. The shelter, whose location is confidential, includes food, clothing, and support services, all free of charge.

During their stay at the shelter, they can participate in support groups and connect with other survivors in a safe and understanding environment, sharing experiences and finding strength through shared journeys.

14. A New Leaf


Address: Mesa, AZ, at 868 E. University Drive

Contact: 480-890-3039

A New Leaf is a safe place for survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault, offering secure housing in 20 individual living units for up to 120 days. They provide a supportive environment with trained staff available 24/7.

Survivors have access to crisis intervention and counseling to help them cope with trauma and emotional stress. The shelter also offers legal assistance with obtaining protective orders and helping them enforce their human rights.

15. La Casa de Paz


Address: Casa Grande, AZ 85130

Contact: 520-836-0858

La Casa de Paz, which means the House of Peace, is a sanctuary for survivors as they provide 24/7 shelter services for those escaping domestic or sexual violence, trafficking, dating violence and stalking. 

While in the shelter, you will gain access to resources, knowledge, skills and abilities to help rebuild your life. Their transitional living program allows survivors to live in safe transitional housing until they find security, stability, and peace. 

16. New Life Center


Address: 3826 N. 3rd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Contact: 623-215-8072

New Life Center offers multiple domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking services. They have 104 secure beds, the largest stand-alone domestic violence shelter in the country, providing safety and immediate needs for families.

The shelter follows a trauma-informed care model to support families starting independent lives. They provide support services appropriate to those who have experienced trauma, which reduces the possibility of triggering trauma symptoms. 

17. Janice’s Women’s Center


Address: 94956 Phoenix, AZ 85070

Contact: 602-603-5211

Janice’s Women’s Center is a full-service women’s center for those experiencing homelessness due to domestic violence. They offer a 90-day rotational stay in their transition housing and access to resources to help survivors recover.

Each transitional housing client is supported with individualized care and aims to help women secure employment and other forms of housing. Counseling is also available for women who stay in a transitional home.

18. Phoenix Rescue Mission


Address: 1540 W. Van Buren St. Phoenix, AZ 85007

Contact: 833-467-3749

The Phoenix Rescue Mission offers emergency shelter beds for women and children fleeing domestic violence. Their residential care services range from 7 to 30 days, where the Mission provides nutritious food, a bed, clean clothing and showers.

During their stay, survivors participate in the Rescue-Assess-Place program, where case managers seek to understand each person’s unique history and challenges and recommend programs that are best equipped to help in their healing process. 

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