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These Top Roller Skating Rinks in Phoenix Are So Fun, We Lose Track of Time

Have you ever found yourself having so much fun that you completely lose track of time? That’s exactly what happens to us whenever we go roller skating in Phoenix.

From the moment we lace up those skates, we’re transported back to simpler times, where the only thing that mattered was perfecting our spins and not falling on our faces.

They say practice makes perfect, but here, practice makes for a hilarious journey filled with epic falls and triumphant recoveries.

Having explored the top rinks in the city, we can assure you there’s no shortage of laughter and memories to be made. So, grab your friends, dust off those skates, and get ready to roll through the best roller skating spots Phoenix has to offer!

1. Skateland

Address: 7 E Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85210


Contact Details: +1 480-833-7775, [email protected]

Operating Hours:

  • Monday:   Closed
  • Tuesday:  5:30–8 PM
  • Wednesday: 6–8:30 PM
  • Thursday: 5:30–8 PM, 8:30–11:30 PM
  • Friday:      6–9 PM
  • Saturday:  10 AM–12:30 PM, 1–3:30 PM, 4:30–7 PM, 7:30–10 PM
  • Sunday:    1–3:30 PM, 4:30–7 PM

Skateland caters to all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned skater or just starting out, it offers various themed skate nights like Tuesday Affordable Public Skate, Thursday Adult Night, and Friday Night Glow, adding excitement to your experience.

For those looking to improve their skating skills, Skateland’s Skate School on Saturdays provides lessons taught by experienced instructors. While you’re there, don’t miss out on the delicious offerings at the cafe and the chance to win prize tickets at the arcade.

Spanning 25,000 square feet, Skateland boasts a spacious roller and inline-skating area that’s easily accessible via the light rail. Skateland is also a top pick for birthdays, offering reservations for a night of BYOB fun.

With a dedicated and friendly staff, vibrant music choices, and affordable pricing, Skateland ensures a memorable and enjoyable experience for visitors of all ages. Plus, their rental skates make it convenient for those without their own gear.

Pro tip:
If you’re attending Adult Night on Thursdays, remember to bring a valid ID as it’s strictly for skaters aged 18 and above. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy a night out with friends in a lively skating environment.

2. Great Skate

Address: 10054 N 43rd Ave, Glendale, AZ 85302


Contact Details: +1 623-842-1181, [email protected]

Operating Hours:

  • Monday:   6–8:30 PM
  • Tuesday:  8:30–10:30 PM
  • Wednesday: 5:30–8 PM
  • Thursday: 8:30–11:30 PM
  • Friday:      4:30–7 PM, 8–10:30 PM
  • Saturday:  10 AM–12:30 PM, 1–3:30 PM, 4:30–7 PM, 8–10:30 PM
  • Sunday:    1–3:30 PM, 4:30–7 PM, 8:30–11:30 PM

Located in Glendale Towne Centre, Great Skate is a magnet for roller skating enthusiasts, drawing crowds with its vibrant atmosphere and popular music selection. Here, DJs spin current favorites and classic jams during public skate sessions.

It has themed events like Toe Stoppa’s, Glow Skate, and Rockin Saturday Night, ensuring a lively and enjoyable experience. With an admission fee of $7 and an additional $4.50 for skate rentals, it offers affordable entertainment for all ages.

The rink floor is bustling with interactive games such as Red Light Green Light, Four Corners, and themed skates like backward and rhythm skating. On Saturdays from 9 to 10 a.m., Great Skate also hosts skate lessons, making it an ideal spot for beginners.

Beyond skating, Great Skate offers additional amenities like an arcade filled with classic games and a Roller Café serving up delicious treats like pizza and nachos. The smooth floors and attentive staff further enhance the overall experience as well.

Pro tip:
Don’t forget to wear comfortable socks and, if needed, protective gear like knee pads and wrist guards. It’ll make your skating experience more comfortable and safer, especially if you’re trying new moves.

3. USA’s Skateland Chandler

Address: 1101 W Ray Rd, Chandler, AZ 85224


Contact Details: +1 480-917-9444, [email protected]

Operating Hours:

  • Monday:   5:30–8 PM
  • Tuesday:  5–7:30 PM, 8–11 PM
  • Wednesday: Closed
  • Thursday: Closed
  • Friday:      6–9 PM
  • Saturday: 10 AM–12 PM, 12:30–3 PM, 3:30–6 PM, 6:30–9 PM
  • Sunday:    12:30–3 PM, 3:30–6 PM

USA’s Skateland Chandler boasts solid wood skate floors, modern lighting, and sound systems. Other range of amenities include concession and birthday areas, rental skates, roller blades, game rooms, and novelty shops.

The rink features State of the Art sound systems, live DJs, a fully stocked cafe, and a large arcade with enticing prizes. It welcomes skaters of all ages and skill levels, offering birthday parties, fundraisers, exercise opportunities, and family fun.

At this rink, themed skate nights add to the vibrant atmosphere. These include Cosmic Skate, Crazy Sock Skate, #instafamousfriday, Otter Popular Monday (with Otter Pops), and a lively Michael Jackson Birthday Bash.

Visitors can indulge in treats like ICEEs and pizza at the Chandler Roller Café, where token bundles for the arcade area are available. They can also redeem tokens for classic prizes such as small toys, glow-in-the-dark gear, and mustache combs.

Pro tip:
Keep an eye out for special events like birthday parties or fundraisers. These can add an extra layer of fun to your skating experience and sometimes come with exclusive perks or activities.

4. The Hall Of Dames

Address: 2517 W McDowell Rd STE 118, Phoenix, AZ 85009


Operating Hours:

  • Monday:   9 AM–8 PM
  • Tuesday:  9 AM–8 PM
  • Wednesday: 9 AM–8 PM
  • Thursday: 9 AM–8 PM
  • Friday:      9 AM–5 PM
  • Saturday:  9 AM–6 PM
  • Sunday:    7 AM–5 PM

The Hall of Dames is the epicenter of roller derby action in Phoenix, housing the fierce competitors of the Arizona Derby Dames. This dynamic league comprises multiple teams, each with its unique style, adding a thrilling edge to the rink’s atmosphere.

At the heart of The Hall of Dames is its impressive oval wooden banked track, meticulously crafted to evoke the essence of classic roller derby. This track was crafted by the skilled hands of the league members, volunteers, and dedicated professionals.

For those inspired by the adrenaline of roller derby, The Hall of Dames offers opportunities to join the ranks. With tryouts held biannually, aspiring skaters can take their shot at becoming part of this electrifying community.

The Hall of Dames welcomes skaters of all levels. It offers a supportive environment where beginners can receive tips and guidance from seasoned members.

Beyond its role as a roller derby haven, The Hall of Dames is also committed to inclusivity, ensuring wheelchair accessibility for all spectators and participants. With good food and lively music, every visit to this rink promises an unforgettable experience.

Pro tip:
You can show your support for The Hall of Dames and roller derby by purchasing merchandise like t-shirts, stickers, or souvenirs. It not only lets you rock some stylish gear but also contributes to the roller derby community.

5. FLC

Media: Phoenix Roller Skaters

Address: 5757 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012


Contact Details: +1 602-707-5903

Operating Hours: Monday-Friday: 5:30 AM–9 PM, Saturday: 5:30 AM–8 PM, Sunday: 12:30–8 PM

FLC Fitness is one of Phoenix’s top roller skating spots, situated within the North Phoenix Baptist Church. This unique venue combines fitness and fun, offering a range of amenities like basketball gyms, walking tracks, weight rooms, and a vibrant roller rink.

Open daily, FLC Fitness provides ample skating opportunities for enthusiasts throughout the week. This also allows visitors to choose the time that suits them best.

What sets FLC apart is its clean and well-maintained environment, ensuring an enjoyable skating experience for all. Additionally, the option to rent roller skates makes it accessible to everyone, even those without their own gear.

Whether you’re looking to host a private skate party, enjoy a solo skating session, or organize a fun night out with friends or family, FLC offers diverse options. Beyond skating, visitors can also take advantage of other activities like free fitness classes.

Pro tip:
If you’re looking to improve your skating abilities, consider signing up for a group skating class offered at FLC. It’s a great way to learn from experienced instructors and meet fellow skaters.

6. KTR Scottsdale

Address: 9009 E Talking Stick Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85250


Contact Details: +1 480-291-5999, [email protected]

Operating Hours:

  • Monday:   12–8 PM
  • Tuesday:  12–8 PM
  • Wednesday: 12–8 PM
  • Thursday: 12–8 PM
  • Friday:      12–9 PM
  • Saturday:  10 AM–9 PM
  • Sunday:    10 AM–6 PM

KTR Scottsdale is a premier sports complex in Phoenix, offering an array of engaging activities suitable for all ages. Among its many features, the indoor skating park is a standout attraction.

Regardless of outdoor conditions, visitors can enjoy roller skating within the climate-controlled facility. Parents find it convenient as they can drop off their kids, knowing they’ll be supervised while having a blast skating.

The venue transforms into an Indoor Action Sports Playground on Fridays, hosting supervised skating sessions and free dinner for kids from 4-8 pm. For younger ones, Toddler Time is available Tuesday-Thursday mornings.

Aside from roller skating, KTR Scottsdale boasts a Ninja Warrior Course, Trampolines, and more, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Mondays are particularly popular with families, offering discounted rates from 3-8 pm.

With a well-stocked snack bar and attentive staff ensuring safety, KTR Scottsdale promises a memorable and enjoyable skating experience for all visitors. It’s advisable to book in advance, especially during peak times, to secure your spot.

Pro tip:
When checking for parking, look into nearby options. You can also explore carpooling or utilizing public transportation as viable alternatives to dodge parking challenges, particularly during busy days.
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