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The 14 Best Pumpkin Patches in Phoenix

The 14 Best Pumpkin Patches in Phoenix

While we love Phoenix’s seemingly endless summer, we always get excited when fall comes around. It’s our favorite season because the leaves change colors, the air is crisp, and we get to bring out the cozy sweaters.

This is also usually the best time to go hiking and off-roading because the weather isn’t too hot. 

Right around this time of year, shops begin selling pumpkin-flavored drinks, pastries, and even farmers markets start rolling out pumpkin delicacies. Orange hues and fall decorations beautifully-line the streets, too.

Among our favorite traditions during this season is visiting pumpkin patches. There’s just something so fun about seeing the yearly harvest and choosing a pumpkin to carve later on.

If you’re anything like us, keep reading below as we roundup the best pumpkin patches to visit in the city. 

The Best Pumpkin Patches In and Around Phoenix

Whether you’re looking for one with a lot of games, great photo ops, or just a straightforward pumpkin picking session – we’ve got you!

Here’s a simple guide before we take you through each one. Note that they all have varying operating hours every season.

Pumpkin PatchWhen To Visit
Mother Nature’s FarmSeptember to December
Vertuccio FarmsSeptember to November 
Schnepf FarmsOctober
Tolmachoff FarmsOctober
Halloween Town Pumpkin PatchOctober
MacDonald’s RanchOctober
Rocker 7 Farm PatchOctober 
Mortimer FarmsSeptember to October 
Marana Pumpkin PatchOctober
Arizona Pumpkin PatchOctober
Apple Annie’s OrchardSeptember to October
Viola’s Flower GardenOctober
Justice Brothers RanchOctober 
Seasonal FarmsOctober 

1. Mother Nature’s Farm

Mother Nature’s Farm

Image Source: Mother Nature’s Farm

When to Visit: September to December (Hours vary every season)

Entrance Fee: $12 per pax


Address: 1663 E. Baseline Road Gilbert, AZ 85233

Contact Number: (480) 892-5874

One of the most popular pumpkin patches around is Mother Nature’s Farm – and for good reason. 

The farm is a family-owned and -operated business that mainly began as a pumpkin patch. These days, they offer more fun activities including farmyard animal feeding, a spider web crawl, a hayride, and an adventure maze.

The people definitely come here for the pumpkins, though. They have fresh pumpkins daily that go anywhere from 1 ounce to 500 pounds!

Over at Maneau’s Market, you’ll find a lot of pumpkin accessories and fall decorations. Their menu is also quite festive with hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones, and more.

We love, too, that there are tons of picnic tables and trees around. Kids can freely run around the property while you enjoy a relaxing lunch on the grassy field.

2. Vertuccio Farms

Vertuccio Farms

Image Source: Vertuccio Farms

When to Visit: September to November (Hours vary every season)

Entrance Fee: $15 per pax


Address: 4011 S. Power Road Mesa, AZ 85212

Contact Number: (480) 882-1482

Vertuccio Farms is a favorite among many locals because of the sheer volume of activities they have. Their Corn Maze & Fall Festival happens every September to October at varying times.

At this pumpkin patch, even adults will have a blast going through their epic corn maze that takes about 45 minutes to complete! It’s even more challenging at night.

Apart from that, there’s also a mini golf, a giant tube slide, barrel train rides, giant jump pads, and lots of farm animals around! 

As if those weren’t enough, they also typically offer pumpkin bowling and several farm-themed climbing obstacles. Did we mention that they have a zip line, too?

They really thought of everything and everyone. You can easily spend a full day just enjoying all the activities they offer. 

A few more things to note – they allow pets inside the farm, bringing of outside food and drinks are prohibited, and they welcome professional photographers at no additional cost!

One thing we’d like to point out is that they often have a lot of visitors, so our advice is to book your tickets in advance. 

3. Schnepf Farms

Schnepf Farms

Image Source: Queen Creek Sun Times

When To Visit: October (Hours vary every season)

Entrance Fee: $23.95 per pax


Address: 24810 S Rittenhouse Road Queen Creek, AZ 85142

Contact Number: (480) 987-3100

Every October, Schnepf Farms transitions from a summer peach paradise into full-fledged fall pumpkin patch. 

You can take your time walking around the 5,000-acre property looking for your pumpkin of choice. Apart from that, you can also watch the pig racing events they usually have.

And for teens and adults, they have thrilling rides which include roller coasters, zip lines, and more. There’s also a 10-acre corn maze that you can go on.

Altogether, there are over 40 attractions and rides on this farm. A museum is also available to visitors where one can get to know their history.

We will say that daytime and nighttime visits are two completely different experiences. During the day, a lot of families roam around and you feel such a good energy from everyone having fun.

At night, though, the place lights up complete with a candy shop, a country store, a toy store, bonfires with marshmallow roasting, and more. Often, they even have live performers come and entertain the guests.

But what we really love about this place is the food. They serve up some seriously mean chili dishes at their in-house restaurant, it’s almost a crime to come here and not dine.

For dessert, head over the on-site bakery for some pies, cinnamon rolls, sauces, salsas, and more – all of which fall-themed, of course!

4. Tolmachoff Farms

Tolmachoff Farms

Image Source: Atul S. via

When to Visit: October (Hours vary every season)

Entrance Fee: $14 per pax


Address: 5726 N. 75th Ave. Glendale AZ 85303

Contact Number: (602) 999-3276

Spooky season is usually in full swing over at Tolmachoff Farms. Here, you not only get to visit an eerie pumpkin patch, but you can bravely go through their haunted maze.

The Field of Screams, as they like to call it, is a giant corn maze located over a cemetery. Yup, it’s a scary ordeal – but a fun one that you definitely should experience.

Other attractions available here are a petting zoo, hay pyramids, jumping pillows, and more. We love the tomato canon, too, which is just a fun take on a classic carnival game.

The activities offered are not as many as other pumpkin patches, but we love the place nonetheless. 

5. Halloween Town Pumpkin Patch

Halloween Town Pumpkin Patch

Image Source: Halloween Town Pumpkin Patch via

When to Visit: October (Hours vary every season)

Entrance Fee: $5 per pax


Address: Chandler Fashion Center 3111 W Chandler Blvd Chandler AZ 85226

Contact Number: (602) 855-0882

Every October, the Halloween Town Pumpkin Patch pops up at the Chandler Fashion Center. It’s a true kid-friendly place as most of its rides and attractions are geared for children below 8 years old.

Impressively, they have quite the assortment of pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. You’ll find almost every size and kind available at the shop.

Halloween is a month-long celebration here, complete with face painting, rides, games, and lots of attractions. Pumpkin painting is a popular activity, too.

And to get the full experience, have your kid dress up in costume! There are a ton of photo spots available throughout the place, so pull out all the stops.

6. MacDonald’s Ranch

MacDonald’s Ranch

Image Source: MacDonald’s Ranch

When to Visit: October (Hours vary every season)

Entrance Fee: $12 per pax


Address: 26540 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Contact Number: (480) 585-0239

MacDonald’s Ranch is another unique pumpkin patch with a Wild, Wild, West theme and several interactive farm experiences.

As one can expect, they have a good variety of pumpkins available in varying sizes and prices. We find them to be on the pricier side, but we don’t mind paying extra for good quality.

The ranch celebrates all seasons with different sets of activities. During fall, they usually have a petting zoo, a panning for gold experience, hay-bale mazes, and several lawn games.

We also love that they offer pony rides and horse-drawn hay rides for about an hour and a half! Pro tip: avail of the moonlight or sunset rides – the experience is absolutely breathtaking!

What makes the entirety of the visit more pleasant are the super friendly and knowledgeable guides. They seem to really know their materials and are super attentive to their guests.

For an additional $5, you can challenge yourself to ride their mechanical bull. Gird your loins and don’t forget to stretch!

Our only wish is for them to have a good selection of food inside. It’s slim pickins out there, so it’s best to pack your own meals and just have a lovely picnic.

7. Rocker 7 Farm Patch

Rocker 7 Farm Patch

Image Source: Rocker 7 Farm Patch

When to Visit: October (Hours vary every season)

Entrance Fee: $8 per pax


Address: 19601 W Broadway Rd, Buckeye, AZ 85326

Contact Number: (480) 640-5606

The great thing about Rocker 7 Farm Patch is that you won’t just find a pumpkin patch, but a sunflower and cotton field as well!

While you can take your pick among their pumpkins, people really come here to shoot photos and take in the lovely views. You can bring your own professional photographer and the farm won’t charge more than the standard admission fee.

It’s a relatively small farm, but they do still offer a few activities that kids will love. There’s a decently-sized corn maze, a bounce area, and hay rides are available.

There are also a lot of food options available and a nice picnic ground to enjoy your meals. Apart from those, there’s really nothing else to see, so don’t expect too much when you come visit.

We’d also advise you to wear mosquito-repellent patches or lotions. It seems that a lot of visitors have had issues regarding the amount of bugs and mosquitoes in the area.

Other than that, try to time your visit around sunset! It makes for a truly picture-perfect moment.

8. Mortimer Farms

Mortimer Farms

Image Source:

When to Visit: September to October (Hours vary every season)

Entrance Fee: $12 per pax


Address: 12907 AZ-169, Dewey, AZ 86327

Contact Number: (928) 830-1116

If there’s one place that knows how to host fall festivities, it would be Mortimer Farms. In fact, they’re popular for their annual Pumpkin Fest & Corn Maze, which seems to get bigger and bigger every year.

On top of the usual hayrides, barrel trains, and pig races, they also offer guests fun circus shows, rope course races, karaoke, and more.

Both the corn maze and the pumpkin patch are massive, so take your time finding that soon to be jack-o-lantern.

Right about sunset, the place lights up with even more entertainment! They typically have fire and barn dancers that guests absolutely adore.

They usually “soft open” the farm around mid-September. Only rides, games, and activities are available during this time, so we recommend that you visit in October for the full farm experience.

9. Marana Pumpkin Patch

Marana Pumpkin Patch

Image Source: Dan V. via

When to Visit: October (Hours vary every season)

Entrance Fee: $21 per pax


Address: 14950 N Trico Rd, Marana, AZ 85653

Contact Number: (520) 305-5481

How does 50-acres of homegrown pumpkins sound? At Marana Pumpkin Patch, you can easily spend over an hour choosing among all the pumpkins they have.

Another attraction you’ll probably love is their unique corn maze. It has an interesting pattern weaved all throughout, which juds adds a lot to the challenge of trying to find your way out.

There are other fun activities that you can try, too. Among our favorites are the Honey Bear Spinner, the Cyclone Swing, the Corn Flyer, and the Super Slide.

Kids can also get behind trike wheels and mini tractors. And, there are some paddle boats that you can ride, too.

We also really appreciate how the entire lot is laid out. Even though they tend to draw in huge crowds, it never feels cramped because of how open they kept the space. 

Most of the attractions were shaded, as well, to provide ample relief from the Arizona sun. Plus, there are several food stand options that offer heavy meals, not just snacks.

Considering how much there is to do and see here, we think it’s a great place for families to bond. 

10. Arizona Pumpkin Patch 

Arizona Pumpkin Patch

Image Source: Arizona Pumpkin Patch

When to Visit: October (Hours vary every season)

Entrance Fee: Free


Address: 6180 W Hunt Hwy, Queen Creek, AZ 85142

Contact Number: (480) 793-5313

The Arizona Pumpkin Patch has been around since 1980. We’ll premise this entry by saying that they’re a straightforward pumpkin patch – just that.

If all you’re looking to do is choose pumpkins, then this is the place to be. They source from local farmers and usually have mounds and mounds of pumpkins organized by size.

The quality of their pumpkins is ace, too. We’d dare say that they have some of the best ones we’ve seen around.

The place is also usually well-decorated and has some nice photo spots. A bit of music will tie the entire experience, but we’re willing to look past that.

They have quite a few pop ups across Arizona, but we’re partial to the one in Queen Creek. General admission is also free for all their locations and pets are allowed within the vicinity.

11. Apple Annie’s Orchard

Apple Annie’s Orchard

Image Source: Apple Annie’s Orchard

When to Visit: September to October (Hours vary every season)

Entrance Fee: $11 per pax


Address: 2081 Hardy Rd, Willcox, AZ 85643

Contact Number: (520) 384-2084

Don’t be deceived by their name – Apple Annie’s Orchard is actually a big orchard and a produce farm that offers almost any fruit and veggie you want.

During the summer, they plant over 40-acres of pumpkins that are ready to be picked come fall. They pretty much have every variety, color, and size – from Jack-Be-Littles to ones that weigh more than 100 pounds.

There’s not much to do besides that, other than two corn mazes and hayrides. Still, we think they’re worth the drive, considering the quality of their produce.

12. Viola’s Flower Garden

Viola’s Flower Garden

Image Source: Viola’s Flower Garden

When to Visit: October (Hours vary every season)

Entrance Fee: $4 per pax


Address: 610 S. State Route 89A Flagstaff, AZ 86005

Contact Number: (928) 526-0202 

Viola’s Flower Garden is another pretty photo spot which becomes even dreamier during fall. It’s pretty much all you’ll do here, other than pick pumpkins, of course.

They’re able to grow different varieties in different sizes which gives you plenty of options. And, they already have an in-house pumpkin decorating station.

What we really love about the place, though, is its beautiful country setting. They always do such a good job decorating for fall with scarecrows, lights, and wood accents.

So, if you’re really just looking for a pretty pumpkin patch or a romantic date spot, we absolutely recommend this garden.

13. Justice Brothers Ranch

Justice Brothers Ranch

Image Source: Justice Brothers Ranch

When to Visit: October (Hours vary every season)

Entrance Fee: Free


Address: 14629 W. Peoria Avenue, Waddell, AZ 85355

Contact Number: (623) 935-3711

The pumpkin selection at Justice Brothers Ranch is relatively smaller than most patches, but it’s among the best ones around.

We’d expect no less from one of the longest continually-operated orchards in Arizona. In fact, they’re known for some of the most fresh and best-grown local produce in the area year-round.

During fall, though, they have a small field of pumpkins that are reasonably-priced. Admission is free and mini pumpkins are priced at just $4, while extra large ones are $16.

If all you really want to do is check out some good pumpkins, they’d be a solid choice.

Plus, the owners are just lovely people who are super friendly and approachable. It’s kind of like meeting an old friend every season, and we love the spirit of community that they have.

14. Seasonal Farms

Seasonal Farms

Image Source: Seasonal Farms

When to Visit: October (Hours vary every season)

Entrance Fee: $7 per pax


Address: 2209 N 99th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85037

Contact Number: (623) 218-4800

Seasonal Farms may be best known for their Christmas trees, but when October rolls in, they’re fully on-board the pumpkin train.

As you would expect, they have a good variety of pumpkins every year. Pretty standard, but we do appreciate that they’re one of the more affordable ones around.

When it comes to activities, they offer face painting, pumpkin decorating, pumpkin bowling, and a few other carnival games for kids. 

This place is great if you’re looking for a quick, fun activity for your kids. We think it’s adorable, too, that they give every child a little loot bag with pumpkin goodies for every ticket purchased.

How do you pick a good pumpkin for carving?

Not sure how to pick good pumpkins for a classic jack-o-lantern? Don’t worry – there’s really no right or wrong way to pick, but here are some helpful tips in choosing carve-worthy ones.

1. Check how firm the pumpkin is.

You might think that a soft pumpkin would be easier to cut, but soft spots and cuts are actually indications that the pumpkin is starting to rot.

It’s best to look for ones that are firm and hard to the touch all over. These ones will last much longer and will be perfect to cut into with any design in mind.

2. Choose one that has a thick, green stem.

By thick, we mean at least two inches wide. And by green, we mean a healthy, dark green, not yellowish or light green.

These are usually signs that a pumpkin is of good quality and freshly-harvested.

3. Look for one with no bruising or odd spots.

This probably goes without saying, but bruising or odd spots are usually signs of ripening. And if you want the pumpkin to last longer on your porch, it would be best to look for a clear, blemish-free one.

4. Don’t be judgmental – warts and stripes add character!

Picture-perfect pumpkins aren’t for anyone. If you’re going for a more eerie look, oddly-shaped pumpkins with warts or stripes make great witches or goblin faces!

Decide on what type of creature you plan on carving your pumpkin prior to heading to the patch. This’ll make the process of choosing so much easier for you.

5. If you want an easy carve, skip the mini pumpkins.

Mini pumpkins have tough skins on them, so carving those is a bit of a hurdle. If you want the easy way out, just choose regular- to large-sized pumpkins.

Do you love pumpkin season like we do? Gather round the family and let us know down below which pumpkin patch you’ll be heading to!

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