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Transform your wedding into a magical fairytale! Check out these top 5 wedding photographers in Phoenix!

Style and Aesthetic: We selected photographers whose style matched the diverse preferences of our audience, from traditional to artistic. It was crucial that their portfolios showcased a distinct, consistent aesthetic that resonated with us.

Portfolio and Reviews: We reviewed extensive portfolios to ensure a high level of quality and consistency in their work. We also prioritized photographers with positive reviews and testimonials, demonstrating reliability and client satisfaction.

Packages and Pricing: We looked for photographers who offered transparent and comprehensive packages, ensuring no hidden fees. Fair pricing that reflected the quality and inclusivity of their services was a key consideration.

Backup Plan and Equipment: We chose photographers who had a solid backup plan in case of equipment failure or emergencies. Ensuring they had top-notch, reliable equipment and backups was essential for peace of mind.

Post-Production Details: We considered the efficiency and quality of each photographer’s post-production process. Quick turnaround times and high-quality editing were vital in our selection process.

Experience and Expertise: We selected photographers with extensive wedding photography experience, ensuring they could handle the challenges of a wedding day. Capturing candid moments and orchestrating beautiful shots was our priority.

Planning a wedding in Phoenix and feeling like Cinderella scrambling to find her glass slipper? I’ve been there, right in the thick of it, searching for that perfect photographer who can turn a simple “I do” into a scene straight out of a Hollywood fairytale.

Think about the magic of weddings in movies like Crazy Rich Asians, where every frame looks like a dream come true. That’s what the best wedding photographers in Phoenix can do for you.

They have the talent to transform your special day into an enchanting story, capturing moments that feel like they’re straight from a fairytale. Let’s dive in and find the perfect photographer to make your wedding day as magical as the movies.

How much does a wedding photographer charge in Phoenix?
Wedding photographers in Phoenix typically charge between $1,000 and $7,000 for their services. Rates can also vary depending on their experience, package details, the length of coverage, and additional services such as engagement shoots.

1. Good Eye Photography


Location: Phoenix, AZ 85020

Contact Details: +1 602-743-4976, [email protected]

Operating Hours: Monday-Saturday: 7 AM–7 PM, Sunday: 8 AM–6 PM



Good Eye Photography specializes in providing stress-free wedding photography. Led by owner Ricky Avitia, they ensure that every couple enjoys themselves during their photo shoot, believing that a good time makes for the best pictures.

Ricky is passionate about documenting the big moments of weddings and bringing each unique love story to life. With experience capturing over 300 celebrations, he is honored to be part of such significant events.

We appreciate that the professionals at Good Eye Photography prioritize ensuring their client’s day flows naturally. They act as incognito ninjas during festivities, preserving all the candid moments while subtly directing and guiding during portrait time.

What we love most about them is that they made their subjects feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera, transforming even the most camera-shy into confident subjects. His communication and dedication made the entire process smooth.

However, there are a few downsides to consider, as Ricky’s popularity means his schedule can be quite packed, so booking early is crucial. Additionally, while his travel availability is a plus, it may add to the overall cost for distant locations.

Overall, Good Eye Photography’s strengths far outweigh these minor drawbacks. Ricky’s ability to turn a wedding into a fairytale-like moment with his incredible photography skills is unmatched.


  • Fun, relaxing, and stress-free photography experience
  • Expertise in capturing candid and genuine moments
  • Excellent communication and responsiveness
  • Willingness to travel for events


  • Booking may be challenging due to high demand
  • Additional travel costs for distant locations
  • Slightly higher pricing compared to other local photographers

Exceptional Quality and Personalized Service

When I was initially looking at photographers, Ricky’s different photo packages caught my eye as well as the incredible quality of his pictures.  Ricky really worked with me to develop the kind of feeling I knew that I wanted when I looked at my pictures.  Not only did he make the pictures easy to take for someone who is very shy like myself, but he really listened when I told him that I wanted every moment captured, no matter what I looked like.  He made sure to capture every raw, emotion filled, moment so perfectly, and by the end of our wedding, Ricky and his team really felt like part of the family.  Ricky was able to capture each moment so perfectly and we could not be happier with how each one turned out!

-Nicole Arthur – Google Reviews

Absolutely Delighted

Thank you Ricky!! We loved everything about our experience with Good Eye photography! Our engagement session was beautiful and our wedding photos were even better! Thank you for understanding everything we wanted and more. Our photos are the most important part as we get to relive our day through them and they tell the amazing story of our beautiful day!! Highly recommend booking with Ricky!!!

-Victoria Trevino – Google Reviews

2. Thomas Shull Photography


Address: 349 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Contact Details: +1 760-803-9444, [email protected]

Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday: 9 AM–5 PM



Thomas Shull Photography is owned and operated by Thomas Shull. His approach is designed to tell your unique love story, ensuring that each photo reflects your personality and the genuine moments of your celebration.

Specializing in a photojournalistic style, Thomas focuses on authentic and natural photography. His expertise in capturing life’s milestone moments ensures that the emotions of your wedding day are preserved beautifully.

Thomas Shull Photography offers comprehensive wedding packages, including a la carte options to suit various wedding sizes and styles. Couples interested in learning more are encouraged to reach out for detailed information.

After reviewing their portfolio, we are impressed by his masterful use of natural light and colors, creating photos with a timeless, ethereal quality that clients will treasure. His creativity and meticulous attention to detail truly shine through.

The seamless coordination with wedding planners and videographers was another highlight of working with Thomas. He was more than just a photographer; he was an integral part of the wedding day, ensuring everything ran smoothly.

One drawback to Thomas Shull Photography is its pricing is on the higher side, reflecting the premium quality and personalized service he offers. However, the value of his work makes these considerations worthwhile for many couples.


  • Highly professional, responsive, and organized
  • Personalized approach, ensuring a unique story told through the photos
  • Creative vision that translates into unique and artistic shots
  • Photography packages offered are comprehensive


  • May be pricier compared to some other photography services in the area

Professional and Efficient

So happy we hired Tom as our photographer for both our formal engagement photos and wedding! He is incredibly talented and his vast experience really wowed us! He is very detailed and thorough as well as a being a great communicator and transparent. We also gave him a difficult task of getting all the formal wedding photos/portraits (like bridal party, family, etc) before our ceremony with a tight timeline and he was able to complete them all beautifully and on time!

-Leighann Ngo – Google Reviews

Exceptional Professionalism and Favorite Vendor

Thomas Shull is the by far best photographer we could have have imagined having for our 4 day multicultural event. He brings a level of professional skill set like no other. He was by far an experience like no other and our favorite vendor!

-Jill Navran – Google Reviews

3. Lia`s Photography


Address: 3314 E Rosemonte Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85050

Contact Details: +1 602-503-8019, [email protected]

Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday: Open 24 hours



Lia’s Photography is a studio specializing in capturing weddings and other special occasions. With a passion for authentically preserving milestone moments, they blend photojournalism and fine art to create timeless images.

They take pride in distilling the essence of every special occasion into treasured heirlooms. Their blend of classic portraits and candid moments ensures a comprehensive and artistic representation of your event.

They offer a range of services, including portrait sessions and full-day wedding coverage. Their packages can include multiple locations, additional hours, and the expertise of two photographers.

One aspect we appreciate is the availability of an online gallery for clients to access their images. Additionally, clients can choose prints or a custom photo book, offering convenient options to preserve and showcase their cherished memories.

However, like any business, we acknowledge that there are areas for improvement. While their unique style is a pro for many clients, some individuals might find that their style preferences are less flexible to accommodate diverse creative requests.


  • Blend of photojournalism and fine art style
  • 18+ years of experience in the industry
  • Offers portrait sessions and full-day wedding coverage
  • Provides online galleries and options for prints/photo books


  • Specific style preferences which can be less flexible to accommodate diverse creative requests
  • Additional charges for extensive customization beyond standard packages

Highly Skilled and Amazing Results

Lia and Max are the absolute BEST! Max took photos at our wedding, and one of our guests  even said, “Wow! Your photographer really knows his stuff.” When we received our photos, I stopped what I was doing and went through them for at least an hour in amazement. I’ll be using them again for any event I have in the future. Thank you so much Lia and Max!!!

-Francesca Lemmert – Google Reviews

Exceptional and Accommodating

Lia and Max helped us with our wedding at Old Town Wedding and Event center and our photos were so amazing! They were so kind and thoughtful and worked around our hectic schedule. They were so polite when our special needs son had a meltdown and we’re completely unphased with our special requests. Thank you both so much for such lovely photos capturing our event!

-Miki Beyries – Google Reviews

4. Carrie Evans Photography


Address: 5315 E High St, Phoenix, AZ 85054

Contact Details: +1 480-261-3879, [email protected]

Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday: 9 AM–11 PM



Carrie Evans Photography is a reputable photography business founded by Carrie Evans herself. Initially working as an art director for an advertising agency, she ventured into photography during weekends, focusing on weddings, bands, and boudoir shoots.

Over time, her client base expanded, leading her to transition into a full-time wedding, boudoir, and portrait photographer. Her team specializes in various domains, including family portraiture, weddings, corporate events, and magazine editorials.

We admire their ability to work efficiently within tight schedules while consistently delivering beautiful and creative work that exceeds expectations. Additionally, their professionalism and talent are evident in every project they undertake.

Clients often commend them for their ability to make everyone feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera. Their adaptability, patience, and dedication ensure that they capture perfect moments and create lasting memories for their clients.

From our perspective, potential drawbacks of Carrie Evans Photography include higher pricing compared to other local photography services. Additionally, their geographic limitations may not cater to clients outside the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas.


  • Offers a diverse range of photography styles, from traditional to creative and artistic
  • Flexible and accommodating, able to work with tight schedules
  • Positive client feedbacks highlight their exceptional quality of work
  • Offers additional services such as online galleries, prints, custom photo books, and more


  • Pricing may be higher compared to other photography services in the area
  • Geographic limitations may apply, which could be a drawback for clients outside Phoenix and Scottsdale areas

Beyond Expectations

WOW!!! Carrie was an amazing photographer to work with.  My husband and I got married a little over a year ago now, and LOVE looking back at the awesome photos we will have for the rest of our lives!

Carrie did our engagement session in Arizona, my boudoir session in Arizona, AND FLEW to MINNESOTA for our destination wedding!

Carrie was so easy to get along with, and helpful throughout the photo sessions. I am from MN and wanted engagement photos done in Arizona, when I found Carrie in Scottsdale I knew she HAD to come to Minnesota to do our wedding day too! …

-Kristina Kleingarn – Google Reviews

Exceptional Last-Minute Photographer

Carrie is AWESOME! My husband surprised me with a last minute wedding at the Boulders in Carefree, AZ. He found Carrie with less than a week before our wedding. She is so nice, personable and so easy to work with. I normally don’t enjoy taking photos but have to admit, I had a really good time with Carrie. She did an amazing job. Carrie was wonderful with our dog, Sasha, who was part of our big day, and got some amazing shots of her that stole the show. We are very happy with our wedding photos and highly recommend her.

-Nadine Pinero – Google Reviews

5. Snappr Photography


Address: 222 E McDowell Rd apt 1065 suite a, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Contact Details: +1 623-377-7704

Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday: Open 24 hours


Snappr Photography in Phoenix is a photography service that offers a range of packages suitable for various budgets. They specialize in providing professional photography services for events, portraits, weddings, corporate headshots, and more.

Their goal is to make the photography process easy and accessible to everyone. What we love is their seamless booking process and team of talented photographers who expertly capture beautiful moments.

They offer a range of packages tailored to different needs, ensuring that clients can find a photographer that fits their budget and requirements. Whether it’s a corporate event, a family portrait session, or a wedding, they can deliver exceptional results.

What most clients love about Snappr Photography is that the quality of their work is top-notch. They also have a knack for understanding their clients’ needs and delivering beyond expectations.

However, one downside specific to this business is the occasional issue with photographers not responding promptly. While Snappr has a system in place to address these issues, such incidents can still be a source of frustration for clients.


  • Wide range of packages that cater to various budgets and needs
  • They have a pool of talented and professional photographers
  • Seamless booking process
  • Quick turnaround time


  • Some clients have reported occasional issues with photographers not responding promptly
  • Limited control over photo selection, as photographers may choose which shots to include

Flexible and Professional Service

Snapper was easy to work with. I liked that they offered several different packages that can work in anybody’s budget. They were courteous and polite through the whole process. Andrew was fantastic to work with. Took his time working with me in a confined space and took some really nice photos. Just what I was looking for. I would definitely recommend Snapper for finding a photographer to fit your needs.

-Greg Robinson – Google Reviews

Exceptional Customer Service and Beautiful Results

Snappr is a wonderful site to get photos taken from. I wish I knew about them before.

My husband & I planned a wedding in July, that was eventually postponed. Snappr reached out & gave me a full credit to put towards a future session. They were able to help with all of my requirements & helped reschedule our new wedding photos appointment instantly.

The photos turned out beautifully. From wonderful lighting, angles. to the landscape in background. I was looking for candid / formal photos. I received just that! …

-Carlee Mass – Google Reviews

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