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35 Black-Owned Businesses in Phoenix to Support

35 Black-Owned Businesses in Phoenix to Support

The city of Phoenix is quite literally a melting pot of many cultures. A simple stroll along downtown will give you a gastronomic tour of different cuisines, soulful varieties of music, and diverse art.

We’ve always said that one of the best things about living in the Valley, apart from the year-round gorgeous weather, is the spirit of community.

Phoenicians have embraced businesses from different cultures and backgrounds. But in this particular article, we’d like to shine the spotlight on black-owned businesses who have successfully showcased talent, creativity, and innovation.

Black-Owned Businesses in Phoenix

There are many black-owned businesses in Phoenix worthy of your support. We’ve listed down a few of our favorites in every sector – food, fashion, beauty and wellness, and home and lifestyle.

Black-owned Restaurants in Phoenix

Satiate your palate with some of the most mouth-watering black-owned restaurants in Phoenix. Whether you’re looking for barbecues or good ‘ol chicken, we truly think that these delicious bites will have you coming back for more.

1. the larder + the delta

the larder + the delta
Image Source: Laura A. via


Address: 200 W Portland St Ste 101, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Contact Number: (480) 409-8520

Business Hours: Wednesday to Thursday, 4PM–9PM; Friday, 4PM–10PM; Saturday, 5PM–10PM; Sunday, 5PM–9PM; Monday to Tuesday, CLOSED

Must-tries: Grilled Mary’s Organic Half Chicken and Cauliflower

the larder + the delta is an unassuming little restaurant located in the arts district of downtown. It almost looks as if it’s a fine dining establishment, but it’s surprisingly casual and modern inside.

Chef and owner Stephen Jones is at the helm of this well-loved dining spot. His specialties are mostly made up of Southern Food with delicious and fresh vegetable surprises.

The thing about him is that he finds new ways to present simple ingredients. How many restaurants will have people raving about something as simple as creamy cauliflower?

The menu may be small, but it’s a tasting one that’s constantly evolving in collaboration with the local community of chefs. 

And because of how imaginative Chef Stephen is, every visit feels as though it’s the first. Each dish is unique, original, and gives off a delicious burst of flavor from rich spices and herbs.

And from our experience, the service is impeccable. You may need to book in advance or wait a while in line, but to us, the wait is always worth it.

Does the larder + the delta take reservations?

Yes, the larder + the delta accepts reservations and walk-ins.

2. Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles

Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles
Image Source: Hotelbody via


Address: 1220 S Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Contact Number: (602) 340-1304

Business Hours: Monday to Thursday, 10AM–9PM; Friday, 10AM–12AM; Saturday, 8AM–9PM; Sunday, 8AM–6PM

Must-tries: Baby Ray and Tre-Tre’s

If you’ve ever seen a line of hungry customers along Central Avenue, they’re probably waiting for a chance to try out Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles.

This hearty restaurant has been a cult-favorite among locals and tourists since it opened its doors more than a decade ago. The culprit is in their name – juicy, flavorful chicken and some of the fluffiest, soft waffles in town.

The owner, Larry “Lo-Lo” White, has mastered the delicate balance between just the right amount of chicken seasoning and ample cooking time.

The waffles, on the other hand, are created from scratch with his own waffle mix that’s made more delectable by their signature maple syrup.

If you’re not a fan of chicken and waffles, they have a relatively large menu you may choose from instead. All-day breakfasts are available, along with other hefty meals and delicious desserts.

What elevates the dining experience is more the quality of service. From the moment you walk in, you’ll be graciously welcomed by the staff and patiently attended to throughout your meal.

See, we’re great fans of restaurants who ace all aspects of great customer experience. And this one is no exception.

When was Lo-Lo’s founded?

Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles opened its first restaurant in Phoenix back in 1997.

3. Monroe’s Hot Chicken

Monroe’s Hot Chicken
Image Source: Monroe’s Hot Chicken


Address: 45 W Jefferson St, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Contact Number: (602) 872-7100

Business Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11AM–7PM; Sunday, 11AM–4PM

Must-tries: Fried Chicken Sandwich and Popcorn Hot Chicken

Another popular fried chicken spot is Monroe’s Hot Chicken. Here, you’ll be served sumptuous comfort fare amidst a funky and bright interior.

What makes this place standout are the generous portions and the flavorful pieces of chicken that’s flakey, crispy, juicy, and incredibly tasty.

Their addictive signature sauce offers diners a spicy kick that’s perfect for those looking for more heat. The best part is that their menu is relatively affordable!

This place is one of our favorite lunch spots, simply because of how convenient the location is and the quick service. It’s also spacious enough to accommodate the lunch rush, and it doesn’t get too rowdy inside.

What forms of payment are accepted at Monroe’s Hot Chicken?

Monroe’s Hot Chicken accepts cash and credit card payments.

4. Trapp Haus BBQ

Trapp Haus BBQ
Image Source: Trapp Haus BBQ


Address: 511 E Roosevelt St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Contact Number: (602) 466-5462

Business Hours: Tuesday, 11AM–12AM; Wednesday to Thursday, 11AM–10PM; Friday to Saturday, 11AM–11PM; Sunday, 11AM–8PM; Monday, CLOSED

Must-tries: New York Reuben and BBQ Baked Beans

For some good ‘ol American barbecue meats and sides, Trapp Haus BBQ is a no-fail option – at least, in our humble opinion.

We say this because they know their smoked meats well and the cooks display outstanding levels of expertise on the grill. They’re also not afraid to be creative (we love the surprising strawberry jelly-inspired sauce!) and play around the typical barbecue box.

The genius and the pitmaster behind this place is Phil Johnson who is often referred to as Phil the Grill or the “Jay-Z of Barbecue”. He’s a veteran in the local competitive barbecue circuits and the food truck business.

Big groups would fare well in this restaurant because it’s spacious and lively. The rustic decor makes the place much more homey, which adds to their homecook charm,

And for the quality of their food, you’d be pleasantly surprised how affordable everything is.

Does Trapp Haus BBQ have outdoor seating?

Yes, both al fresco and indoor dining areas are available at Trapp Haus BBQ.

5. A.T. Oasis Coffee and Tea Shop

A.T. Oasis Coffee and Tea Shop
Image Source: Kyle F. via


Address: 4613 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018

Contact Number: (602) 957-2054

Business Hours: Monday to Sunday, 7AM–5PM

Must-tries: A.T. Ginger Coffee and Chai Tea Latte

Ethiopian coffee is arguably one of the best coffee variants in the world. And through A.T. Oasis Coffee and Tea Shop, you can take a sip and see for yourself why it’s a well-loved caffeine indulgence.

Typically, these coffee grounds are multi-layered in flavor. It’s pungent with a somewhat fermented aftertaste (almost like wine), and makes an impression with a distinct acidic wildness.

Surprisingly, all these create a bright note that’s not fruity, nor floral. Seriously, it’s a complicated sensory experience, but we love it nonetheless.

Owner Aisha Tedros dreamed of sharing her culture and these rich flavors to the local neighborhood. A decade later, her humble shop continues to be a go-to for many residents and tourists in the area.

And no matter how popular they got, Aisha remained hands-on in the business to make sure that the quality gets across. In fact, she personally sources out, buys, and roasts the natural coffee beans to this day.

As for their homemade food offerings, they exclusively use fresh ingredients and flavorful spices. Make sure to drop by the store if you have the time, as some items on their menu are not available online.

Is A.T. Oasis Coffee and Tea Shop good for kids?

Both kids and adults are welcome at A.T. Oasis Coffee and Tea Shop.

6. Honey Bear’s BBQ

Honey Bear’s BBQ
Image Source: Honey Bear’s BBQ


Address: 5012 E Van Buren St, Phoenix, AZ 85008

Contact Number: (602) 702-3060

Business Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 10AM–8PM; Friday to Saturday, 10AM–9PM

Must-tries: Baby Back Ribs and Meaty Mac

Honey Bear’s BBQ is a Memphis-style grilling joint that serves juicy meats in a cafeteria-style setup. They opened way back in 1986 and continue to draw in hungry patrons to this day.

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that the quality of the food and service remains consistent through and through. It’s probably why a lot of customers claim this to be their comfort restaurant – because each visit is as good as the last one.

Here, they slowly cook the barbecue in the traditional wood manner. Not only does this prevent drying the meat out, but it also adds that authentic smokey flavor we look for in barbecues.

The glaze itself is tangy and sweet, much like Tennessee barbecues, without being overindulgent. 

Their sauces are also made in-house and were designed to perfectly complement their dishes. We especially love the signature barbecue sauce that gives just the right amount of heat.

Who owns Honey Bear’s BBQ Phoenix?

Mark Smith and Anna Smith are the owners of Honey Bear’s BBQ in Phoenix.

7. Valley Wings

Valley Wings
Image Source: Seamless


Address: 15414 N 19th Ave C, Phoenix, AZ 85023

Contact Number: (602) 504-3937

Business Hours: Tuesday to Wednesday, 11AM–6PM; Thursday to Saturday, 11AM–9PM; Sunday, 12PM–5PM; Monday, CLOSED

Must-tries: Cajun Wings and Chicken Bacon Ranch Fries

For juicy and perfectly-crisp chicken wings, Valley Wings is among our top recommendations. They’re relatively new to the city, having just opened in 2018, but they sure have solidified a place in the local restaurant industry.

Quality is truly what they aim to deliver, and it’s evident in the way that the food is presented – hot, well-seasoned, and delicious every time. They are a bit costlier than other places, but we do think they’re well-worth the splurge.

The other star of the show here is the wide selection of flavor-packed sauces. Take your pick among savory ones, sweet ones, or mild to incredibly hot ones.

What’s more is that you have the choice to order all flats or all drumsticks. Most places that offer wings aren’t as flexible and would give you, well, just wings.

The restaurant itself is quaint, so there might be a bit of a wait especially if you come at peak hours. Come early, and come hungry.

What kind of meals is Valley Wings known for?

Valley Wings is a well-known prime spot for lunch and dinner that serves chicken wings with fries on the side.

8. Maya’s Cajun Kitchen

Maya’s Cajun Kitchen
Image Source: Maya’s Cajun Kitchen


Contact Number: (602) 504-3937

Business Hours: Monday to Sunday, 8AM–1PM

Must-tries: Smokin’ Jackfruit Po Boys and H.O.P.’n Creole Cakes

If you frequent farmers markets, then you may have already come across Maya’s Cajun Kitchen. 

This little stall usually pops up in several different locations, so if you happen to see it, make sure to sample their delicious vegan cajun dishes. We’ve heard that they’ll be frequenting the Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market, though.

Chef Maya thought of the concept after realizing that there’s a lack of cajun food in the state. And as someone who diligently follows a healthy lifestyle, she decided to add some healthy twists on the savory cuisine.

This is a great alternative for those who are also in a health kick. You’ll be able to enjoy flavorful comfort fare, sans the guilt!

If you don’t have the time to visit their pop-ups, you may also opt to order their food online. But, we highly-suggest dropping by so you can see first-hand how thoughtfully-cooked her delectable dishes are.

9. Brunch & Sip

Brunch & Sip
Image Source: Brunch & Sip via


Address: 3950 E Indian School Rd Suite #100, Phoenix, AZ 85018

Contact Number: (602) 675-1459

Business Hours: Monday and Wednesday to Thursday, 8AM–2PM; Friday to Sunday, 8AM–3PM; Monday, 8AM–2PM; Tuesday, CLOSED

Must-tries: Biscuits and Gravy and Morning Margaritas

Brunch & Sip is a casual place that serves seriously good breakfast food, including their famous biscuits and gravy. They also have an indoor bar where you can take a sip of their delicious Bloody Marys and Morning Margaritas.

There’s absolutely no judgment at this place. Feel free to enjoy a hefty brunch or go day-drinking with friends!

What we love about this place is how homey it is, despite the industrial digs. There’s patio seating available, too, if you’d like to take advantage of the beautiful weather.

The restaurant and bar is owned by power couple Larry and Rasheedah White. Their desire to open this place stems from their love of food – specifically, breakfast food.

And as people who come from generations of food lovers, they’re both no stranger to the kitchen. It was only a matter of time before the place gained a loyal following, and continues to do so to this day!

What forms of payment are accepted at Brunch & Sip?

Both cash and credit cards are accepted at Brunch & Sip.

10. Cafe Desta

Cafe Desta
Image Source: Kovia P. via


Address: 758 S Stone Ave, Tucson, AZ 85701

Contact Number: (520) 370-7000

Business Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11AM–9PM

Must-tries: Beef Tibs and Fosolia

Cafe Desta has been around Tucson since 2010. This lovely little spot serves delicious traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine.

Apart from the usual chicken, lamb, and fish dishes, they also offer vegan alternatives and standalone options. And, all their meals are served with injera, a soft and spongy bread that’s baked out of teff, sorghum, and wheat flour.

The thing about this place is that it’s a hidden gem. To be frank, you probably won’t expect much from the nondescript exterior, but inside is a different story.

Lined with red brick walls and rustic finishes, the place evokes a homey, intimate vibe. It’s quiet, too, and despite the continuous throng of people coming in and out, it never gets too rowdy.

If you’re looking for a nice place to wind down or enjoy a peaceful afternoon, we highly-suggest checking this place out.

What is the ambience like at Cafe Desta?

Cafe Desta claims to be a casual but classy place. True enough, the place evokes such vibes.

Black-owned Fashion Brands and Stores in Phoenix

Sweaters, dresses, or athletic apparel, anyone? For those looking to support black-owned fashion brands in Phoenix, we listed our top picks below.

  1. Straw and Wool
  2. B&R African Styles
  3. Olivia Laine
  4. Elev8ed Cre8ion
  5. Andy’s Shoe Shine
  6. Black Broccoli
  7. About My Grind
  8. The Bra Spa
  9. Bilbo Sportswear

1. Straw and Wool

Straw and Wool
Image Source: Straw and Wool


Address: 610 E Roosevelt St #144, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Contact Number: (602) 888-4761

Business Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10AM–7PM; Sunday, 10AM–5PM

Straw and Wool first made waves in the local community back in February 2020. They gained popularity for their cool collection of and fine-quality hats.

Ideally, they’re located in the arts district where people are more free-spirited and unafraid to showcase their unique styles. We absolutely love their quaint but charming shop, too!

The owners decided to open the business as an ode to Phoenix being “in the middle of a Renaissance of sorts”. Hats just elevate any look, even more so ones with as much personality as the ones they sell.

A quick browse would show you hats with feathers, charms, lace, and even playing cards. Their creativity is evident in the way that no matter how funky the hat is, it just seems to tie in well and look sophisticated.

Apart from headwear, they also sell a few hat accessories such as travel bags and extra feathers.

2. B&R African Styles

B&R African Styles
Image Source: Tisha Troutman via


Address: 6719 West Thomas Road Suite: S-6:B, Phoenix, AZ 85033

Contact Number: (602) 410-8064

Business Hours: Wednesday and Friday to Monday, 10AM–8PM; Thursday, 10AM–5:30PM; Tuesday, CLOSED

For high-quality African-inspired apparel, B&R African Styles would be one of your best bets. It opened shop in 2015 and has since become a popular boutique here in the city.

Like how most businesses begin, owners Perodin Bideri and Rebekah Bideri saw the need to bring vibrant and colorful African wear to the metro. Today, they’re widely-known as a one-stop shop for such clothes.

What we like about this boutique is that they carry a wide variety of clothes in an assortment of patterns and styles for both men and women. From cool tees to hoodies, African sandals to wrap dresses – they basically have anything you might be looking for.

The shop itself can be difficult to find as it’s located in the Marketplace building. Just head towards the back and the colorful clothes will give it away.

3. Olivia Laine

Olivia Laine
Image Source: Olivia Laine


Contact Number: 602-330-9659

Business Hours: Monday to Saturday, 9AM–6PM; Sunday, CLOSED

Olivia Laine is a styling agency founded by duo Elaina and Janell. Their main goal is to help men and women discover their unique styles through their uncontestable knowledge in the field.

They operate as styling partners that give their clients fashion tips and tricks they can use everyday or for special events. From what we’ve heard, they’re quite the power team.

It appears that their clients love their practical approach to personal style and wardrobe. They’re all about edge, functionality, and flattering silhouettes.

Apart from personal styling, they also handle event styling, brand shoots, and other photoshoots. 

4. Elev8ed Cre8ion

Elev8ed Cre8ion
Image Source: Elev8ed Cre8ion


Business Hours: Open 24/7

Elev8ed Cre8ion is a brand created by parents for other parents with the hope to make, well, parenting a tad easier.

They sell stylish and sturdy bags big enough to fit any new parent (or not-so-new parent) might need. Yes, these include baby bottles, diapers, changing mats, and even your personal stuff!

They call their bags the “Ultimate Parent Backpack” designed for short or long trips. We’ve seen these around and it’s been gaining a lot more popularity over the past couple of years.

Space truly meets style in their many designs available. They also make use of vegan leather to make sure that the bag can hold the weight of all its contents.

The thing with these bags is that even students or avid travelers can use them. It has a triple layer of insulation, pockets for cords, and a laptop compartment for students or office workers.

5. Andy’s Shoe Shine

Andy’s Shoe Shine
Image Source: Andy’s Shoe Shine


Address: 114 W Adams St, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Contact: (602) 264-6592

Business Hours: Monday to Thursday, 10AM–6PM; Friday, 10AM–3PM; Saturday, 9AM–12PM; Sunday, CLOSED

Andy’s Shoe Shine is one of those small shops you pass by on the daily that puts a smile on your face. For over 13 years, they’ve run a trusted, neighborhood shoe shine and repair shop and it’s a no-brainer that Andy himself is the reason.

Andy is a gentle and polite man who’s always so accommodating and welcoming to anyone who stops by. He’s very knowledgeable about the different types and fabrics of shoes, so you can rest assured that he’ll take care of what you bring.

He’s able to repair leather shoes, rubber shoes, or even heels – and return them in nearly mint condition. He charges relatively affordable fees, too, and is known to be honest and upfront in pricing.

6. Black Broccoli

Black Broccoli
Image Source: Black Broccoli


Address: 418 E. 7th St., Tucson, AZ 85705

Contact: (520) 306-8269

Business Hours: Wednesday, 11AM–6PM; Thursday to Friday, 11AM–8PM; Saturday, 11AM–9PM; Sunday, 11AM–7PM; Monday to Tuesday, CLOSED

Black Broccoli is the brainchild of Nick Arcade. He’s the creator, owner, and the designer of this brand that’s heavily-influenced by his love for vintage clothes.

According to Nick, his designs are a celebration of culture and were inspired by his days of reselling thrifted clothes. He was able to maximize his creativity then by reconstructing some of the patterns and reworking the overall look of the fabric.

So when he opened his own store in 2019, he made sure that everything was hand-crafted and unique to his style. True enough, his reworked clothes are colorful, bold, and imaginatively loud. 

Here, you can shop for jean jackets, hoodies, vintage t-shirts, jerseys, and their own merch. They even have some vibrant tote bags that we think would elevate basic outfits for a pop of color.

7. About My Grind

About My Grind
Image Source: About My Grind


Address: 418 E. 7th St., Tucson, AZ 85705

Contact: (520) 306-8269

Business Hours: Wednesday, 11AM–6PM; Thursday to Friday, 11AM–8PM; Saturday, 11AM–9PM; Sunday, 11AM–7PM; Monday to Tuesday, CLOSED

About My Grind is a casual clothing shop that caters to both men and women. They sell shirts, bottoms, tank tops, headwear, accessories, and more.

The materials they use for their clothes are soft, breathable, and perfect for sports or traveling. It’s obvious that quality was top of their mind in designing.

Their founder and CEO, Scotty Hutchinson, was inspired by his life’s own struggles and how he overcame them with grit and grind. Today, he designs clothes in hopes of inspiring others to pursue their goals, too.

8. The Bra Spa

The Bra Spa
Image Source: Fleur de Lea Photography via


Address: 6544 E Tanque Verde Rd, Tucson, AZ 85715

Contact: (520) 770-7870

Business Hours: Monday to Friday, 10AM–5PM; Saturday to Sunday, CLOSED

Now for the ladies, we all know the massive confidence boost that a good-fitting bra gives. The Bra Spa can help you out in this regard as professional bra fitters and customer makers.

Impressively, they have one of the largest inventory of sizes ranging from 28A to 46O! And if you still can’t find one that fits you well, they can make a special order for you.

Apart from bras, they also offer customers swimsuits, shapewear, and underwear in a wide variety of sizes, designs, and fits. They stand for body inclusivity and self-love – something that we admire a lot.

What’s great about their boutique is that you can book a private fitting and have someone assist you in a calm, non-intimidating environment. They’re all about helping you feel good in your own skin.

We also love how they partnered with local women’s charities who are in need of proper underwear. If you bring a gently-used bra you no longer want, they’ll give you a 5% discount off your total order.

9. Bilbo Sportswear

Bilbo Sportswear
Image Source: Bilbo Sportswear


Address: 610 E Roosevelt St, Phoenix, AZ 85006

Contact: (623) 910-2022

Business Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 10AM–6PM; Sunday, 10AM–5PM; Saturday and Monday, CLOSED

Bilbo Sportswear has been since 1995. What once was a small boutique of sports apparel has grown into a full-service custom shop for custom-fit bikinis, figure, fitness, physique, and bodybuilding suits.

If you’re a professional athlete or in need of pageant swimwear, we highly-suggest checking them out. Most of their clients are actually those who wrestle, model, and swim competitively.

They recommend first-time customers to book a consultation prior to placing an order. This allows them to get accurate measurements and incorporate any requests.

Apart from their custom line, they also carry pre-owned bikinis, activewear, accessories, shoes, and even a couture collection.

Black-owned Beauty and Wellness Boutiques in Phoenix

Whether you’re looking to pamper yourself with a new haircut, a well-deserved massage, or a quick sweat session at the gym – we’ve got you! Below are some black-owned beauty and wellness facilities in the Valley.

1. Brownstone Spa

Brownstone Spa
Image Source: Bilbo Sportswear


Address: 610 E Roosevelt st Unit 136 Second Floor, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Contact: (602) 935-9020

Business Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 10AM–6PM; Saturday, 9AM–4PM; Sunday to Monday, CLOSED

When it comes to addressing exactly what your skin color needs, Brownstone Spa is one of the best places to visit. They provide custom services for both men and women that are catered specifically to your skin issues.

Each service you get will be thoroughly discussed with you. They won’t just give you a one-size fits all treatment; rather, they’ll make sure to address exactly what your body needs.

One thing we love about them is their holistic approach towards caring for their clients. Apart from the usual facials, they also offer personalized body treatments, skin consultations, chemical peels, dermaplane treatments, and more.

The owner and esthetician of this place is Stacy Best-Nervis. She’s a kind lady that a lot of clients really love because of her friendly and warm demeanor.

She’s also super knowledgeable at what she does, and we love the emphasis that she places on the different needs of various skin colors. This allows her to treat her clients with much more efficiency and quicker results.

It also helps that the spa is a beautiful space that’s truly calming and relaxing. We absolutely love coming here for serene self-care sessions.

2. Nefertiti Hair Salon

Nefertiti Hair Salon
Image Source: Nefertiti Hair Salon


Address: 5838 W Olive Ave Suite C104, Glendale, AZ 85302

Contact: (480) 494-6767

Business Hours: Monday to Friday, 9AM–6PM; Saturday, 9AM–4PM; Sunday, CLOSED

Nefertiti Hair Salon is a premiere braiding salon. Here, they specialize in catering to all hair types and doing various styles of braids – including micro, box, and individual braids.

Apart from that, they’re also able to do several kinds of twists, sew-in weaves, and dreadlocks. What makes them special is that their stylists are all extensively-trained and updated in the latest techniques, styles, products, and trends.

We also really appreciate how they don’t just automatically agree to what clients say. Now we know that sounds wrong, but hear us out.

What they do is they examine your scalp first, your hair growth, and the texture of your hair to find the best style that would suit you. They will give suggestions, but of course, the final say belongs to you. 

We just think it’s really helpful for them to provide sound advice and avoid client regret. We’ve all had bad hair cuts and styles, haven’t we?

Despite their specialty, their main edge is in the excellence of their customer service. They’re known to be one of the most welcoming salons in the city, mainly because they treat everyone with respect, kindness, and patience.

3. Deeply Rooted Hair Salon

Deeply Rooted Hair Salon
Image Source: Deeply Rooted Hair Salon


Address: Suites 21 & 22, 4848 E Cactus Rd #100, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Contact: (623) 523-7472

Business Hours: Tuesday to Thursday, 10AM–6PM; Friday, 10AM–8PM; Saturday, 8AM–3PM; Sunday to Monday, CLOSED

Another well-loved black-owned salon is Deeply Rooted Hair Salon. They specialize in working on natural hair, locs, and relaxers.

What clients often say about this place is that the stylists are all knowledgeable and they seem to truly care about the health of your hair. They work with men and women of all ages, too, including kids!

Their master stylist is Teri, who has over 30 years of hair experience. She’s exceptional when it comes to color, precision cutting, and transitioning styling.

From what we’ve heard, she attentively listens and styles your hair in a manner that makes it healthy and easy to manage. She also frequents hair-shows and workshops to stay updated on the latest innovations in the industry.

Most of their clients are repeat ones, and new ones typically come from referrals. To us, this is a telltale sign of great customer service and experience.

4. Arabella’s Total Skin Care Med Spa

Arabella’s Total Skin Care Med Spa
Image Source: Arabella’s Total Skin Care Med Spa


Address: 3938 E Campbell Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85018

Contact: (602) 955-4100

Business Hours: Tuesday, 10AM–6PM; Wednesday to Saturday, 10AM–4PM; Sunday to Monday, CLOSED

Arabella’s Total Skin Care Med Spa offers exactly what their name implies – total wellness of the mind, body, and of the skin.

Unlike most med spas, they harness the power of natural ingredients and essential oils in all of their treatments. Research has shown that these have great effects in the overall improvement of one’s health.

Mitti Arabella-Davis, a licensed medical aesthetician, founded the company back in 2005. Today, they’ve grown into a full-service med spa with a wide scope of services that go beyond just skin care.

With them, you can avail of eyelash extensions, makeup artistry, and even waxing. We consider them to be a one-stop shop for most aesthetic needs.

She also makes sure to continue researching and improving their facility and services. It’s always a good thing when med spas like this stay in-the-know when it comes to the latest aesthetic techniques and trends.

What’s more is that they offer these services at relatively affordable prices. They also have membership plans you can sign up for, which will really save you some big bucks in the long run.

They’ve come a long way from when they first opened shop, and it’s pleasing to know that most of their clients stayed with them after all these years.

5. BlakSteel Fitness

BlakSteel Fitness
Image Source: BlakSteel Fitness


Address: 3912 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018

Contact: (602) 697-6930

Business Hours: Monday to Thursday, 5AM–8PM; Friday, 5AM–5PM; Saturday to Sunday, 7AM–12PM

Looking for a new gym or maybe even a new personal trainer? At BlakSteel Fitness, you can have both and much more.

The gym is owned by Todd Shuler who has more than 13 years of training and experience. He’s NCSF-certified, alongside BOSU, Battling Ropes, and Active Stretch I and II.

Even more impressive is that he’s skilled in more than just one method of fitness. He has done boxing, cycling, and even qi gong. With his, he has trained a multitude of clients (some celebrities, too!) with varying goals.

What we like about this gym is that it’s not intimidating at all. Todd himself and the other trainers are truly welcoming and will greet you with a smile.

What’s great is that they offer different training modalities and classes. If personal training isn’t your thing, you may opt to try out TRX training, boxing, spin classes, yoga, and more.

We also love that they offer self-defense and MMA classes. We’re firm believers that everyone should attend even one self-defense class in their lifetime.

Know, though, that they truly specialize in one-on-one training. And, they allow clients to add nutrition counseling on top of this.

Not only does this give clients a better understanding of their bodies, but it also helps them achieve their fitness goals in a more holistic and sustainable way.

6. EstiBlack Aesthetics

EstiBlack Aesthetics
Image Source: EstiBlack Aesthetics


Address: 5334 W Northern Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301

Contact: (602) 842-4845

Business Hours: Wednesday to Thursday and Saturday, 10AM–6PM; Friday, 10AM–5PM; Sunday, 9AM–6PM; Monday, 3PM–6PM

EstiBlack Aesthetics may be relatively new in the city, but they’ve already gained a loyal clientele and continue to do so.

They offer facials, corrective & preventive skin treatments, waxing, and training classes for aspiring aestheticians. Their best-selling treatment is the hydro jelly facial, which helps hydrate your skin and provide barrier relief.

They also developed their own skin care line, EB Skin, which targets common and hard-to-treat skin issues. According to some of their clients, they’ve seen stellar improvements in their own skin since using these alongside their treatments.

At the helm of this facility is Yolanda Robinson. She’s a trained and licensed aesthetician whose mission in life is to empower men and women of color by enhancing their natural beauty and giving them the confidence they need.

She’s a sweet lady whom her clients love, mainly from her warm personality and genuine care. It’s also been said that she’s a wonder at delivering promising results, which is why her clients love availing of her services.

7. Balm Therapeutic Massage


Address: 698 E Wetmore Rd #460, Tucson, AZ 85705

Contact: (520) 409-6403

Business Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 9AM–6PM; Wednesday and Friday to Monday, CLOSED

Balm Therapeutic Massage is a no-fuss massage salon that offers just their signature therapeutic massage in a variety of minutes. The shortest option is 45 minutes, while the longest is 120 minutes.

Brittany Lee is the owner and head massage therapist of this premier facility. She’s had extensive training in various massage techniques, and has a certificate for Hospital Based Massage Therapy from the prestigious Mayo Clinic.

She sees massages as more than just luxury experiences. To her, it’s a form of self-care and health treatment to help manage their pain and stress in a relaxing environment.

Unlike other massage parlors, she doesn’t immediately jump into the availed service. She takes her time listening to what her clients need and has been said to be incredible at hitting the right pressure points.

On top of that, she also has a friendly demeanor that immediately puts her clients at ease. It helps, too, that the ambience is truly calming and sleep-inducive.

We highly-suggest trying out her massages and booking in advance, as they’re only open two days a week. Slots get full so quick!

8. Bello Cara Studio

Bello Cara Studio
Image Source: Bello Cara Studio


Address: 5302 N Flint Ave, Tucson, Arizona, 85704

Contact: (520) 333-5499

Bello Cara Studio is a full-service private beauty lounge that specializes in treatments such as microblading, ombre brows, and non-laser tattoo removal.

They’re quite the experts at permanent and semi-permanent makeup, too, and are known for their eyebrow and freckle procedures. 

Amanda Marissa is the brains and brawn of this facility. She’s native from Tucson and has received training from prestigious academies Collette Academy and Phi Brows Academy.

After being a licensed and registered dental hygienist for 14 years, she finally followed her love for beauty. To this day, she continues to train and study more about aesthetics and the innovative procedures that come with it.

According to most of her clients, Amanda has a bright personality and a spirit that just makes people feel welcome and heard. Her passion for what she does and her artistry is evident in the glowing reviews that people have given her.

We also really love how chic and homey the studio is! It’s modern, clean, and obviously well-sanitized after every client.

Black-owned Home and Lifestyle Businesses in Phoenix

When it comes to home and lifestyle trinkets, as well as hobbies, black-owned businesses are truly in it for the quality and creativity. Below are some of our top picks in this category.

1. Grassrootz Books and Juice Bar

Grassrootz Books and Juice Bar
Image Source: Grassrootz Bookstore and Juice Bar


Address: 1145 E Washington St Suite #200, Phoenix, AZ 85034

Contact: (480) 442-0293

Business Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 12PM–7PM; Sunday, 12PM–5PM; Monday, CLOSED

This one’s for the bookworms! Grassrootz Books and Juice Bar is a well-loved local spot to find books by local and international authors, children’s storybooks, merch, and more.

They pride themselves in offering books that you wouldn’t normally find in bigger bookstores. And while you browse through those paperbacks, you can also try out their delicious in-store juice bar.

We truly admire their advocacy to promote education and empowerment across all ages. It’s evident how much they take a stand in many movements that promote equality, children’s rights, and more.

And, they donate a significant portion of their sales to The Phoenix Local Organizing Committee for Justice or Else. This helps fund grassroots activism, as well as educational and economical development efforts.

The space itself is also well thought out. There’s a small reading area with vintage and older magazines, a kids’ corner, and a separate area that allows for social distancing. 

They really made it comfortable for their guests, and we love that they allow for some peace and quiet in such a busy neighborhood.

2. Stardust and Sage

Stardust and Sage
Image Source: Stardust and Sage


Address: 1145 E Washington St Suite #200, Phoenix, AZ 85034

Contact: (480) 442-0293

Business Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 12PM–7PM; Sunday, 12PM–5PM; Monday, CLOSED

Stardust and Sage is a popular local go-to for indigenous healing and manifestation items. They stock up on beautiful crystals, incense sticks, apothecary bath oils, books, candles, and more.

The shop is actually a result of the owner’s own struggles in life. After going through a really rough patch for a couple of years, she discovered the healing and transformational power of heart chakra healing methods.

This is when she started collecting more crystals and sharing her journey with others. We, too, believe that surrounding yourself or your home with good energy truly does have wonderful benefits for one’s mental health.

Their store is a lovely little nook that’s cluttered with so many trinkets – in the best way possible. It can get overwhelming, but we suggest grabbing yourself some crystals and aromatic candles.

3. Milky Candles

Milky Candles
Image Source: Milky Candles


Contact: [email protected]

Speaking of candles, you might want to support black-, queer-, and woman-owned candle store, Milky Candles. Each product is handmade and created with clean ingredients that are deemed safer for your home.

Lacie is the brilliant owner of this brand. She started making candles as a teenager to create a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in her bedroom.

It was only in May 2021 when she decided to formally launch her online business. Since then, sales have been great and her customers have given her hundreds of glowing reviews.

She proudly utilizes quality ingredients with sustainability at the forefront. From the packaging to the vessel, up to the phthalate-free fragrance oils – everything was made to be more environmentally-friendly.

Even her signature cement vessels are handmade in small batches. As an added eco-conscious effort, she only uses Earth Safe Finishes Preserver/Sealer that’s non-toxic and does not contain volatile organic compounds.

We think they serve as elegant home decor items that also make your space smell great.

4. Amazing Spaces by G

Amazing Spaces by G
Image Source: Amazing Spaces by G


Contact: (480) 442-4656

Business Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 9AM–7PM; Monday, CLOSED

We know we’re not alone in saying that there have been many times when we’ve felt overwhelmed and stressed by the amount of clutter in our home. And this is where Amazing Spaces by G comes into the picture.

This company specializes in organizing your space through decluttering and re-organizing. Their ultimate goal is to make busy clients feel refreshed and happy in their own homes with simple but much-needed solutions.

As a professional organizer, GeGe creates sustainable systems that would best work for her client’s lifestyles. She also works on home stagings, virtual consultations, home mergings, and downsizing.

We think she’d be great for people who are settling into a new space, or those who just need help finding a system that works for them. And if you’re not ready to commit, you may avail of a free 20-minute discovery call.

5. Neighborhood Furniture

Neighborhood Furniture
Image Source: Neighborhood Furniture


Address: 2745 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85009

Contact: (623) 337-4040

Business Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:30AM–6PM; Saturday to Sunday, CLOSED

Neighborhood Furniture is a family-owned business founded by Jarrod CW. He managed a local furniture store in New Orleans for over a decade before deciding to open up his own shop.

What’s awesome about their store is that they have fresh stocks and products coming in every week! Every visit feels exciting because there’s always something new to look forward to.

They sell furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas, as well as mattresses, accent chairs, and more. The best part is that they offer these at relatively affordable prices!

What they’re truly known for locally, though, is the outstanding customer service. We truly believe that they have some of the most accommodating and nicest staff members around.

We also really appreciate how responsive they are and how quickly they’re able to deliver furniture. It seems that a lot of their customers are repeat customers, too, because of how pleasant their shopping experience is every time.

6. Artemesia

Image Source: Melissa Moreno via


Address: 6538 E Tanque Verde Rd UNIT 170, Tucson, AZ 85715

Contact: (520) 990-8832

Business Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 11AM–4PM; Saturday, 11AM–3PM; Sunday to Monday, CLOSED

Artemesia is a beautiful little shop that sells cold-process soaps, lotions, bath salts, and scrubs made from organic ingredients and plant-based oils.

They boast of making these products in small batches to ensure that the quality gets across, and that there’s little to no waste from their end. We also love that every formula they have is uniquely developed on their own.

One of their best-sellers is the Botanical Body Buff. It’s a body wash that comes in an exfoliating organza bag filled with fragrant loose botanicals and a handmade soap.

According to them, all their bath and body products are inspired by the beautiful Sonoran Desert.  Some of their soaps are even called Desert Rain, Saguaro Blossom, and even Desert Bloom.

We love their products not just for personal use, but for gifting as well! Their artisan soaps are perfect for gifting, as well as event favors for weddings or birthday parties. 

And if you’re wondering, yes, they give discounts for bulk orders. Just make sure to place an order at least a few weeks in advance.

7. Lil’ Desert Doodles

Lil’ Desert Doodles
Image Source: Lil’ Desert Doodles


Contact: [email protected]

Lil’ Desert Doodles is owned by a local artist named Hailey. Despite being born in Georgia, she absolutely fell in love with the vibrant and free-spirited vibe of Tucson.

Like most, her business initially began as a hobby. But it was through the support and push of her family and friends that she finally turned this into a full-fledged business. 

And from here, she was inspired to create prints, postcards, stickers, pins, and more that were inspired from the Sonoran Desert. Her signature doodles and drawings include those of cacti and desert flora.

Her main goal is to encourage self-expression and creativity freedom through art. Her product line continues to grow by the day, and we love how each little trinket is handmade and designed.

8. Patagonia Flower Farm

Patagonia Flower Farm
Image Source: Patagonia Flower Farm


Contact: (480) 225-7910

Patagonia Flower Farm is a micro-farm that’s popular for local, beautiful blooms. No imported flowers here – everything is grown and cared for by the owner, Aishah Lurry.

Aisha’s hobby and gardening and love for flowers began nearly two decades ago. She has even taught a few classes in growing sprouts, micro-greens, and propagation.

Prior to opening the farm, she felt so frustrated how overpriced some flower bouquets cost. Not to mention, you’d have to order in a few days in advance, only for them to wither away rather quickly.

So, she began growing her own flowers through sustainable and organic practices. This ensures that the flowers you buy stay fresh, elegant, and alive even days after purchase.

With proper care and maintenance, their bouquets last up to 10 days or more!

We also love how bee-friendly the farm is, and how they truly value quality. They prepare orders no more than two days in advance to maintain its vibrancy and freshness.

They’re also one of the few flower shops in the city to offer subscription services. We absolutely love this idea, because fresh flowers just elevate a room and make for instant mood-boosters.

As of now, they only accept online orders, but they also frequent farmers markets! Make sure to check their website every now and then to find their schedule.

There you go! If you have suggestions on must-try black-owned businesses in Phoenix, let us know in the comment section below.

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