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Our Top 5 Picks For Psychologists In Phoenix

Our Top 6 Picks for Psychologists in Phoenix

How we picked


The psychologists must have relevant professional training, which includes a post-doctoral program and internship. They should also be licensed to practice and adherent to set standards.


Patients should be comfortable enough to open up during sessions, so we assessed the doctors’ ability to actively listen and communicate. While showing empathy, they must also maintain a professional course.


Considering how each doctor has their area of expertise (i.e. children, couples, etc.), we focused on assessing the effectiveness of their approach. 


It shouldn’t be too hard to correspond and set up a schedule with the clinic, so we judged them based on responsiveness. Having the option for online sessions is a bonus for the patients’ convenience.

Payment Process

We accounted for their fee policies (preferably sliding scale) and the insurance providers they’re in network with.  In the medical field, doctors should provide a better understanding of the costs to make informed decisions. 

1. Dr. Mindy Beth Lipson, Psy.D.

Dr. Mindy Beth Lipson, Psy.D. Homepage

Treatments: Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR), Mental Imagery, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Meditation, Dreamwork

Issues: Trauma and PTSD, chronic illness, faith & spirituality


Address: 17505 N 79th Ave Suite 211A, Glendale, AZ 85308

Contact Details: (480) 369-1808

Operating Hours: Monday – Thursday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Google reviews score4.3/5
Healthgrades reviews score4.2/5
RateMDs reviews score4.4/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency4.5/5
→Treatment Options4.5/5
Payment Process4/5
→Professional Fee3/5


  • Over 20 years of providing psychotherapy
  • Provides grief and medically-informed treatments
  • Accepts a variety of insurance plans
  • Licensed in multiple states including New York
  • Offers a wide range of treatments such as MBCT


  • Hard to book and long wait times for first timers
  • Has a record of delayed appointments

Dr. Mindy Beth Lipson is a seasoned psychologist who has over 20 years in psychotherapy. After finishing clinical psychology at The Wright Institute in California, she pursued her internship and post-doctoral training all the way in New York.

As a result, she holds a Multi-State license as a clinical psychologist. It’s also worth noting that she’s backed with the highest attainable credentials from the National Register of Health Service Psychologists (NRHSP). 

Among the many paths a psychologist could take, she found her niche in helping individuals through trauma-based treatments and psycho-spiritual work. 

Some of the patients she’s treated struggled with mood disorders, PTSD, and medical issues, or are going through life-altering events like spiritual transitions and loss. Hence, we’ve only seen individuals who are 18 years and older walk through her doors.

Nonetheless, she has quite the list of treatment modalities and is even “Lyme literate” according to her patients with the same condition. 

One of the treatments she specializes in is EMDR, which is proven effective for those with intrusive and disturbing memories that significantly affect everyday life. She also employs mindfulness, meditation, and cognitive therapy through MBCT.

However, we heard it’s more difficult to schedule a first appointment due to high demand. As of speaking, her clinic is only taking in local patients due to a long waiting list. 

She also doesn’t keep track of time from what we’ve heard and has been reported late in some sessions. 

Still, we can’t deny her steadfast approach when helping patients through their own journey of healing. The long waiting list and credentials don’t lie either, but speak for the quality of her care.

2. Dr. Sanford Silverman, Ph.D.

Dr. Sanford Silverman, Ph.D. Homepage

Treatments: Direct/HPN Neurofeedback, EEG Neurofeedback Therapy,  HRV Biofeedback, Constructivist Therapy, Brain Mapping

Issues: ADD, ADHD, other learning disabilities (children & adults), addiction, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, OCD, trauma and PTSD, chronic pain


Address: 10229 N. 92nd Street Suite 101 Scottsdale, Arizona 85258

Contact Details: (480) 314-4299

Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Google reviews score4.8/5
Healthgrades reviews score4.5/5
RateMDs reviews score4.1/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency4/5
→Treatment Options4.5/5
Payment Process3.75/5
→Professional Fee4.5/5


  • Specializes in ADD and ADHD
  • Works with individuals, couples, families, and different age groups
  • Takes time with patients in exploring options and answering concerns
  • Board certified in Neurofeedback by the BCIA
  • 30+ years of experience


  • Limited insurance plan offers
  • May require a minimum number of visits

Dr. Sanford Silverman is known for his specialty in ADD and ADHD in both children and adults and has over 30 years of experience treating these conditions. He also founded the Center for Attention Deficit and Learning Disorders in Scottsdale. 

Moreover, he’s also published various articles on therapies addressing ADD and other relevant conditions. He also had a stint as a school psychologist with children, preteens, and adolescents.

With this extensive background, we think he’s the pick of the bunch for those struggling with ADD and ADHD. 

His scope of practice covers diagnosis, evaluations, and treatment, and even welcomes patients 65 years or older. Some other issues he’s treated are OCD, substance abuse, eating disorders, and depression.

Other than that, he’s also well-versed in a modality of state-of-the-art treatments. Among these are EEG Neurofeedback and HRV Biofeedback complete with board certification from the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA).

We like that he’s also worked with businessmen and athletes through programs like peak performance training. We heard he’s also quite amiable and easy to talk to, taking his time covering all the bases and answering questions.

On another note, his clinic only accepts Aetna and Medicare insurance plans but isn’t in network with any other providers. Despite that, his professional fee is at a flat rate of $100 per session, which is on the lower end of the scale compared to others.

Furthermore, he may require a minimum number of visits (at least 10 for some), which is something to consider for those who prefer only one-time or a couple of visits.

3. Dr. Melissa Estavillo, Psy.D. 

Dr. Melissa Estavillo, Psy.D. Homepage

Treatments: Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Psychodynamic Theory, evidence-based practices

Issues: depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, marriage, immigration difficulties, Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, cancer, caregiver support, life changes, self-esteem changes, faith/spiritual issues


Address: 6245 N 24th Pkwy Suite 106, Phoenix, AZ, 85016

Contact Details: (480) 999-7070

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Google reviews score4.4/5
Facebook reviews score5/5
Yelp reviews score4/5
Total reviews4/5
Score consistency4/5
→Treatment Options4.5/5
Payment Process3/5
→Professional Fee3/5


  • Has a diverse background in clinical psychology
  • Caters to a wide audience, like people with medical conditions or LGBTQ+
  • Personal and tailored approach
  • Over 15 years in practice
  • Offers a “good faith estimate”


  • Rates are at a premium (starts at $200 per session)
  • Not in network with insurance providers

Dr. Melissa Estavillo is one of the lead psychologists at Biltmore Psychology & Counseling, a team of experts providing counseling services in the valley since 2012. As a whole, they specialize in general, medical, spiritual, and couples counseling.

Regarding her educational background, she attained all her bachelor’s, master’s, and Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology right here in the Grand Canyon State. On the other hand, we heard she’s quite dynamic in terms of her profession.

For one, Estavillo has valuable experience outside the clinic in various settings, from university counseling centers to hospitals. She’s also been featured on local TV news outlets including ABC 15 and KTAR, which is impressive.

She also became a consultant and teacher of advanced therapy to medical students from various fields like occupational therapy and neurology. While she’s been around, this also proves her dedication to providing therapy and educating others on the subject.

Her therapeutic approach is heavily based on Emotion-focused therapy (EFT), which is a humanistic and structured form of psychotherapy. This is often used with couples and families because it draws concepts from attachment theory.

In the course of her 15 years of experience, individual and couples therapy has become her strongest suit. Aside from EFT, her treatments still vary at a personal level, which is generally preferred over a cookie-cutter approach.

What we like most about her is her excellent listening skills and genuine commitment to helping patients towards better mental health. 

However, some have reluctantly moved on after a few sessions because the fees were too expensive in the long run. It also doesn’t help that the clinic is not in a network with any insurance providers. 

4. Dr. Alicia J. Goodman, Ph.D.

Dr. Alicia J. Goodman, Ph.D. Homepage

Treatments: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for Selective Mutism (PCIT-SM), Comprehensive Behavior Intervention for Tics (C-BIT), Exposure Response/Prevention (ER/P)

Issues: anxiety disorders including selective mutism, panic attacks, ADHD, OCD, Tourette syndrome and tic disorders, Pediatric Acute Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANS/PANDAS), autism spectrum disorders


Address: 2930 E Northern Ave A-105 Phoenix, AZ 85028

Contact Details: (602) 428-2838

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Google reviews score5/5
Yelp reviews score5/5
Total reviews3/5
Score consistency5/5
→Treatment Options5/5
Payment Process3.25/5
→Professional Fee4/5


  • Offers a range of treatments for a diverse group of patients
  • Provides IEPs and 504s for children with disabilities
  • Affiliated with multiple trusted organizations like NASP
  • Offers parent and teacher coaching
  • Known for consistently successful therapy sessions with families


  • Out of network with insurance providers
  • Accepts private pay only

Dr. Alicia J. Goodman is both a licensed psychologist and a school psychologist certified by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). For over 20 years, she’s been counseling children and youth ages 5 to 17.

Her clinic also welcomes adults and college students with learning challenges, which is diversifies her pool of clients.

As a school psychologist, she went through specialized training in an educational setting. She has at least 10 years of experience counseling students, teachers, and parents.

She’s also a self-proclaimed dedicated mother, which gives her a better perspective on matters involving the above-mentioned.

For instance, she’s equipped to assess children who are twice exceptional or gifted and offers parent coaching for families struggling with behavioral issues at home. 

Focusing on younger patients is her forte, which also has its benefits. This meant that Goodman could treat a variety of conditions like anxiety, behavioral issues, selective mutism, learning disabilities, and ADHD among many others.

To stay on top of the latest resources with these conditions, she’s actively involved with various leading organizations in the field. These include the Selective Mutism Association and CHADD, which is the national resource on ADHD.

Unfortunately, she’s out of network with any insurance care plans and providers and only accepts private payments. On the flip side, interested clients can take advantage of her free 15-minute consultations and online sessions if it’s any consolation.

Nonetheless, we think she’s a great choice for therapy in terms of social, behavioral, and emotional conditions in an educational context. She also caters to a wide group consisting of members of both the academe and a family.

5. Dr. Jared Dinehart, Ph.D.

Dr. Jared Dinehart, Ph.D. Homepage

Treatments: Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Behavioral (ERP/Conditioning)

Specialties: individual therapy, couple’s therapy, disability issues, sex addiction therapy & recovery


Address: 7400 S. Power Rd., STE 116, Gilbert, AZ 85297

Contact Details: (480) 988-5003

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Google reviews score4/5
Healthgrades reviews score5/5
Yelp reviews score3.5/5
Total reviews4/5
Score consistency3/5
→Treatment Options5/5
Payment Process3.75/5
→Professional Fee4/5


  • Group of professionals with diverse and extensive training
  • Accepts insurance claims
  • Compliant to the Good Faith Estimate
  • Inclusive to a wide group of people of different ages, groups, and conditions


  • Relatively more expensive
  • Charges a $65 cancellation fee

At the helm of Ironwood Counseling and Psychological Services is Dr. Jared Dinehart, who founded the clinic with his wife back in 2011. 

Notably, his team consists of licensed and contracted professionals with unique specializations like couples, children, addicts, and trauma patients among others. We like that there’s someone for everyone in one holistic space.

Dinehart is no exception, boasting an extensive background in clinical psychology. While he has experience in individual and couple’s therapy, he’s also employed treatments informed by disabilities and mental disorders.

Other than these, he’s also an expert in EMDR and counseling individuals who are battling sexual addiction. He’s also a licensed psychologist in Utah and Alabama and has been involved in university counseling centers and community efforts. 

His expertise goes down to the personal level as far as we’ve heard, with a solid clientele who have been seeking his counsel for years. 

He’s also often commended for striking a balance between emotional intelligence and empathy, which we think are marks of a great psychologist. The clinic staff is equally welcoming and eager to help to make the space as safe as possible.

The downside is that they only have at most three insurance providers in their network. They also charge $65 for cancelled appointments, which is a bit much.

All things considered, Dinehart and his clinic offer services that are inclusive to anyone, whether you’re battling an addiction, mental disorder, or disability. They also welcome individuals of all ages and groups like couples and families.

6. Dr. Amanda Hackwell, Ph.D.

Treatments: Autism Assessment, Dyslexia Assessment, ADHD Testing, and IQ Testing

Issues: Autism and ADHD


Address: 3420 E Shea Blvd Suite 200, Phoenix AZ 85028

Contact Details: 6026753288

Operating Hours:

Monday – Friday
9:00AM – 5:00PM 

Saturday – Sunday

Google reviews score4/5
Healthgrades reviews score5/5
Yelp reviews score4.5/5
Total reviews4/5
Score consistency4/5
→Treatment Options5/5
Payment Process4.5/5
→Professional Fee4/5


  • Pioneering approaches that reshape industries
  • Top-tier professionals driving exceptional outcomes
  • Tailoring every solution to your unique needs
  • Extending influence across borders and boundaries


  • Busy during peak days

Our experience with Dr. Amanda Hackwell, Ph.D., has been nothing short of exceptional. Her psychological services exude professionalism and insight, making her a standout in her field.

Convenience is at the forefront of Dr. Hackwell’s approach.

Our appointments were promptly scheduled, and her seamless virtual sessions brought her expertise right into our homes. Flexibility is a key asset here, accommodating our busy schedules effortlessly.

Reputation speaks volumes, and Dr. Hackwell’s is impeccable.

Renowned for her deep understanding of cognitive behavior, her guidance resonates profoundly. Clients, ourselves included, have praised her ability to dissect complex issues with precision and empathy.

In terms of cost, Dr. Hackwell’s services are an investment in well-being that pays off.

The value derived from her sessions far outweighs the financial aspect. With her, we found solutions and insights that led to tangible improvements in various aspects of life.

Dr. Hackwell’s finesse in deciphering human behavior is commendable.

Our interactions felt tailored, with her interventions hitting the mark every time. Her knack for identifying underlying patterns and offering actionable advice is remarkable.

Engaging with Dr. Hackwell was a refreshing experience, leaving us with a sense of empowerment and self-awareness.

Her guidance transcends the stereotypical therapeutic encounters, creating an environment of growth and personal development.

From the moment we embarked on this therapeutic journey, Dr. Hackwell’s expertise stood out.

Her ability to unravel complexities, combined with her warm demeanor, fostered an atmosphere of trust. We felt heard, understood, and supported throughout.

However, she can get busy during peak days. We suggest booking their service ahead of time.

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